Chinese Tea

Yue Hwa's array of Chinese teas presents an authentic taste of the rich tea culture of China, offering a variety of teas that cater to a range of preferences. For those who prefer loose leaf teas, Yue Hwa stocks Oolong Tea and various Pu Erh teas, such as Hai Chao Raw Pu Erh Tea for $5.80 per 100g and Golden Sail Brand Yunnan Pu Erh Tea at $9.50 for a generous 454g pack.

Yue Hwa's tea collection includes rare finds such as Liu Pao Tea at $70.00 for 200g, indicative of their range catering to tea aficionados seeking more exquisite and aged teas. For those interested in the health benefits associated with herbal teas, Yue Hwa offers Black Tartary Buckwheat Tea and YH Dried Chrysanthemum, reflecting a breadth that satisfies both the palate and health-conscious consumers. The store also features specialty teas like the 2014 Years Pu Erh Tea (Green) and Meng Hai Raw Pu Erh Tea from 2001, priced at a premium of $270.00 for 200g and $170.00 for 357g, respectively, underscoring Yue Hwa's dedication to offering a comprehensive tea experience.

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WLJ Herbal Tea 310ml
Item No. 060452846 In stock
310ml Dry Storage 2 YEAR
Lan Hua Pai Yunnan Pu Erh Tea
Item No. 060248351 In stock
Ambient Storage
JiaDuoBao Herbal Tea
Item No. 4000016006 In stock
310ml Refrigerated Storage
Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea (Bottle)500ml
Item No. 40000640 In stock
Dry Storage
Strong Eagle BanLanGen Instant Herbal Tea
Item No. 4000006168 In stock
10g x 12 packets Dry Storage
Honeysuckle Chrysanthemum Instant Herbal Tea
Item No. 4000002979 In stock
10g x 12 packets Dry Storage
Jasmine Tea
Item No. 060248378 Low stock
Ambient Storage
Liu Pao Tea
Item No. 060413743 Low stock
200 g Dry Storage
Golden Sail Brand Yunnan Pu Erh Tea
Item No. 060026715 Low stock
454 g Dry Storage
Meng Hai Raw Pu Erh Tea Year 2001
Item No. 060316535 Low stock
357g Ambient Storage
Zhong Cha Pai Raw Pu Erh Tea Year 2000
Item No. 060316438 Low stock
350g Ambient Storage
Black Tartary Buckwheat Tea 120g
Item No. 4000006857 Low stock
120 g Ambient Storage
2014 Years Pu Erh Tea (Green)
Item No. 060425121 Low stock
200 g
Bu Lang Da Shu Raw Pu Erh Tea Year 2011
Item No. 060316349 Low stock
400 g Ambient Storage
YH Dried Chrysanthemum
Item No. 069965 Low stock
220g Frozen Food Storage
Double Deer Brand Chrysanthemum Buds
Item No. 052008312 Low stock
500 pcs Refrigerated Storage
Ju Pu Tea
Item No. 1000191956 Low stock
70g (4 pcs) Dry Storage
Liu Pao Tea 150g
Item No. 060413751 Low stock
Tea Block-Green Tea
Item No. 060177454 Low stock
Best Grade Pu Erh Tea Cake
Item No. 060029099 Low stock
Raw Pu Erh Tea
Item No. 060421878 Low stock
180 g Dry Storage
Tartary Buckwheat Embryo Tea
Item No. 060614781 Low stock
290 g Ambient Storage 18 MONTH
Mu Dan Wang Tea
Item No. 060187409 Low stock
100g Dry Storage 2920 DAY
Zi Wei Shang Zi Ya Pu Erh Tea Year 2019
Item No. 1000192003 Low stock
357g Dry Storage