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Preserved Vegetable
Item No. 060524936 In stock
70g Ambient Storage 18 MONTH Monosodiumglutamate
Winter Bamboo Shoot
Item No. 060432071 In stock
Chin Chin Longan Rice Congee
Item No. 060388773 In stock
370g Ambient Storage 730 DAY Peanut
Chin Chin Mixed Congee
Item No. 060388757 In stock
370g Ambient Storage 2 YEAR Peanut
Pickled Cabbage
Item No. 060606657 In stock
500g Ambient Storage 12 MONTH
Stewed Chicken Soup
Item No. 052093905 In stock
100g Refrigerated Storage
Chin Chin Lotus Oatmeal
Item No. 060314788 In stock
320g Dry Storage 2 YEAR
Lao Gan Ma Red Beancurd
Item No. 060238178 In stock
260 g Ambient Storage 14 MONTH
Soup Base for Hot & Spicy Hotpot
Item No. 060476168 In stock
160g Ambient Storage Contains soybean.
Chin Chin Black Rice Congee
Item No. 060388765 In stock
320g Ambient Storage 730 DAY Sesame
Wahaha Mix Congee with Xylitol
Item No. 060431792 In stock
360 g Dry Storage 24 MONTH
Braised Bamboo Shoots
Item No. 060432063 In stock
Self Heating Beef Hot Pot SPICY
Item No. 4000006527 In stock
340g Dry Storage Eggs, Milk, Oyster, Soybean, Wheat, Sulphites
Yiin Lu Purple Potato Rice Congee
Item No. 060432004 In stock
280 g Ambient Storage 24 MONTH
Pickled Cabbage
Item No. 060003642 In stock
200 g Dry Storage
Yin Lu Black Rice Congee
Item No. 060431954 In stock
280 g 24 MONTH
Supergrade Yoshihama Abalone Brine 6H
Item No. 4000004151 In stock
425 g Dry Storage
Maling Szuh Sien Bran Dough
Item No. 060432047 In stock
354g Ambient Storage 2 YEAR
Yin Lu Lotus Mix Congee
Item No. 060431946 Out of stock
360 g Dry Storage 24 MONTH
$1.80 out of stock
Yin Lu Lotus Corn Dessert
Item No. 060431962 In stock
280 g Dry Storage 24 MONTH
Preserved Vegetable with Bamboo Shoot
Item No. 060524928 In stock
80 g Ambient Storage
Pickled Mustard
Item No. 060399856 In stock
250 g
Ying Lu Coconut Oat Dessert
Item No. 060431997 Low stock
280 g Ambient Storage 24 MONTH
Deng Shi Black Fungus With Vege
Item No. 060612622 In stock
350g Ambient Storage 18 MONTH

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