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3 Stalk Potted Orchid (Pink)
Item No. 4000007587
30cm Xanthosoma Potted Plant
Item No. 4000007599
4ft Honey Lady Palm
Item No. 4000007592
5ft Cordyline Tree
Item No. 4000007589
Artificial Yucca Tree
Item No. 4000007591
Calathea Bush
Item No. 4000007594
Rubber Plant Tree
Item No. 4000007597
Spilt Philo Potted Plant
Item No. 4000007593
Variegated Begonia Plant
Item No. 4000007600

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    Brighten up your home with our quality range of artificial plants and flowers, designed to closely reflect the colour and texture of their botanical siblings.
    Rest assured that Pollyanna's Artificial Plants are of premium quality and will last for several years indoors with low maintenance.
    All potted plants come with a standard plastic pot.