Hot Pot Essentials

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LGM Crispy Chili Sauce
Item No. 060225912 In stock
Preserved Stinky Beancurd
Item No. 060435062 Low stock
330g Ambient Storage 18 MONTH
Lao Gan Ma Red Beancurd
Item No. 060238178 In stock
260 g Ambient Storage 14 MONTH
Soup Base for Hot & Spicy Hotpot
Item No. 060476168 In stock
160g Ambient Storage Contains soybean.
Luo Ba Wang Luo Si Vermicelli
Item No. 060608269 Out of stock
280g Dry Storage 9 MONTH Peanut
$5.00 out of stock
Sesame Peanut Paste
Item No. 4000012782 In stock
350g Ambient Storage
Steamboat Paste (Original)
Item No. 4000002953 In stock
Kong Shen Mung Bean Vemicelli
Item No. 060567724 In stock
300 g Ambient Storage 36 MONTH
Sichuan Flavour Hot Pot Seasoning
Item No. 4000002957 In stock
Hai Di Lao Clear Oil Hot Pot
Item No. 4000015148 In stock
220g Refrigerated Storage
Hot Pot Dipping Sauce Original
Item No. 4000003804 Low stock
Steamboat Paste (Spicy)
Item No. 4000002955 Low stock
Beancurd Stick
Item No. 4000001289 Low stock
188 g Ambient Storage 12 MONTH
Long Kow Broad Threads
Item No. 40000252 Low stock
180 g 3 YEAR
Preserved Rose Red Beancurd
Item No. 060435046 Low stock
340g Ambient Storage 18 MONTH
Chuanwazi Chilli Oil
Item No. 4000013064 Low stock
Pure White Sesame Paste
Item No. 4000002187 Low stock
280g Ambient Storage
Hai Di Lao Tomato Hotpot Seasoning
Item No. 4000015145 Low stock
200 g Dry Storage 12 MONTH
Grand Master Sweet Potato Noodle-Wide
Item No. 060460075 Low stock
500g Dry Storage
Red Oil Preserved Beancurd
Item No. 060435151 Low stock
270g Dry Storage
Sour Vegetable Fish Condiment
Item No. 060476176 Low stock
200g Refrigerated Storage
Hai Di Lao Mushroom Hot Pot Seasoning
Item No. 4000015146 Low stock
150g Ambient Storage Soybean
Spicy Hot Pot Seasoning
Item No. 4000002958 Low stock
Fragrant Sauce 150g
Item No. 4000001903 Low stock