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Changbai Mountain Ginseng
Pu Erh Tea
Chinese Inkstone
Pao Shen (American Ginseng)
Home & Decor
Chinese Teapot
Chinese Antique Furniture
Premium Bird's Nest
Embroidery Tablecloth
Fish Maw
Deer Antler
Chinese Musical Instrument
Cheongsam (Qi Pao)
Authentic Moutai
Chinese Wedding Dress
Chinese Silk
Novuss Chess (Kang Le Qi)
Rattan Mat

Explore in-store and find a mix of cultural beauty and modern style. Discover products for your well-being like Changbai Mountain Ginseng, Pu Erh Tea, Cordyceps, and Lingzhi. Try the adaptogenic Pao Shen (American Ginseng). In our Home & Décor section, find Chinese treasures like Inkstones, Teapots, Chinese Antique Furniture, Embroidery Tablecloths, and Rattan Mats. Dive into Chinese culture with Premium Bird's Nest, Fish Maw, Deer Antler, musical instruments, Cheongsam (Qi Pao), and Chinese Silk. Make your special moments stand out with Chinese Wedding Dresses and Authentic Moutai liquor. Have fun with traditional board games like Novuss Chess (Kang Le Qi). Come to our Chinatown flagship store to add tradition, style, and well-being to your life.