Yue Hwa Members' Notice

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Dear valued member,

As you know, your member points will expire after one year. Some of your points should have expired by now but are still reflecting in your member account. We will proceed to delete these expired points soon.

Before that, here’s your last chance to redeem the “expired” points. Points not redeemed by 31 July 2019 23:59 will be deemed invalid.

How to check your points expiry?

Walk-in to any of our retail stores & approach the cashier counter.
Or, login to www.yuehwa.com.sg with your registered email address*.
If any of the above doesn’t work for you, drop us an email at sgonlineshop@yuehwa.com.

*Applicable for members who have filled up their valid email address during registration.  Click on “Forget Password” for your first-time login.

 Where to redeem your points?


At any retail stores

At online store