Why are we particular about Dumpling (Zongzi) Leaves?

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

With Dragon Boat Festival around the corner, you can make use of the time at home to make dumplings together with you family.  Depending on individual preferences, you can put fillings that you like inside the dumplings and create your own unique dumplings.  Before making your own dumplings, the most important ingredient that you need is of course the dumplings leaves.

Fresh Dumpling Leaves vs Dried Dumplings Leaves

Fresh dumpling leaves are freshly picked from plants and preserved in its original form.  The common leaves used in making dumplings are the reed leaves and the bamboo leaves.  For the minority, even the pandan leaves are used.  Fresh leaves are aromatic and soft and present a bright green colour, making them an attractive option for wrapping dumplings.  They are easy to wrap to the shape of the dumplings and the uncooked rice is unlikely to fall out during wrapping, making fresh leaves an excellent option for the beginners who want to try their hand at wrapping dumplings.
Fresh leaves are easy to prepare - just rinse with water and boil in hot water for around 3 minutes - ensure that both sides of the leaves are boiled.  It is highly recommended to boil the fresh leaves as hot water can kill bacteria and increase the toughness of the leaves.  This way, the leaves do not tear easily during wrapping of the dumplings.

Dried dumpling leaves are air dried and present a yellowish or beige colour.  Drying the leaves under the sun can preserve the fragrance of the leaves and this fragrance can immerse in the dumplings during cooking, thus cooked dumplings are exceptionally fragrant.  The downside to using dried dumpling leaves is they are not tough enough and tears easily during wrapping, making the uncooked rice leak out.

As dried dumplings leaves are stripped of water, the leaves are more delicate, thus they need to be cooked and pre-soaked in water before using.  When you buy dried dumpling leaves, you will need to soak the leaves in water overnight, then wash the leaves clean.  When the leaves absorb sufficient water and are tougher, they are ready to be boiled.  Dried dumpling leaves need to be boiled for around 10 minutes, nothing more, nothing less.  If you boil for too long, the leaves will lose the fragrance.  Too short and it does not have the effect of killing bacteria.  

$2.50 per pack

Yue Hwa Chinese Products has imported vacuum-packed fresh dumpling leaves from Hubei, China.  Fresh dumpling leaves are easy to prepare.  Simply rinse with water and you can start using it.

Based on customer's feedback on the fresh dumpling leaves, the leaves are fresh with a tinge of fragrance and each leaf is big enough to wrap one dumpling.  So it is highly suitable to make numerous dumplings for your family, relatives and friends.

Stay at home & wrap dumplings.  The new way to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival.