Goji Berry & Dried Longan Osmanthus Cake


Dry Osmanthus, a pinch of Wolfberries, Dried Longan (soak in water until soft)
Gelatin 20g, Sugar 1 tablespoon (self- tuning, I use the less sweet servings)
250 ml of hot water
250 ml of cold water

Cooking Steps

1) Blanch the wolfberries and dried longan in hot water until it is cooked.
2) Brew the dry osmanthus in a tea pot with 250ml water and pour tea in a pot.
3) Boil the osmanthus tea in low heat, add in gelatin and sugar until it totally melted then add in 250 ml of cold water.
4) Pour into a container and add in the cooked osmanthus, wolfberries and dried longan. Mix well and refrigerate until set.

Goji Berry & Dried Longan Osmanthus Cake