Golden Bird's Nest in Papaya


3 Bird’s Nest
3 Hawaiian Papayas
1/2 Rock Sugar (adjust sweetness according to your taste)
300 ml Almond milk
100 ml Water

Cooking Steps

Bird's Nest Preparation:
1) Soak bird’s nest in water for 24 hours (change the water at least twice during this process).
2) Using a pair of tweezers, remove pinfeathers and foreign particles.
3) Drain water from the bird’s nest.
4) Put bird’s nest in a bowl, pour hot water and drain immediately. The bird’s nest is ready for cooking.

Bird’s Nest in Papaya:
1) Double-boil for about 2 hours, then add rock sugar. When cool, add almond milk & stir well. Refrigerate for about an hour.
2) Just before serving, cut Papaya into half. Remove seeds & rinse well. Using a melon scoop, dig out some melon balls & make a well big enough for the nest.
3) Pour the bird's nest into the papayas & serve your royal desserts chilled.

Cook the Dish

Cactus Mineral Water
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