Ma Po Tofu


Beancurd 1piece
Minced meat 100g
Shallot 1 stalk
Garlic 2 stalks
Ginger 2 slices
Bean paste 2 tablespoon
Cooking wine 1 tablespoon
Soy sauce 1 tablespoon
White sugar (half tablespoon [5g])
Corn starch 1 tablespoon (add in cold water and stir with a chopstick)
Pepper powder (as desired)

Cooking Steps

1) Slice the beancurd into square cubes.
2) Boil water in a pot, cook the beancurd for 2 minutes and drain away the water.
3) Add oil in a pan, add in oil and heat up, then add the cut garlic, spring onion (white part) and ginger and stir fry. Add minced meat and fry till it change colour.
4) Pour in cooking wine along the edge of the pan.
5) Add in bean paste.
6) Add in soy sauce.
7) Add in white sugar.
8) Add in appropriate amount of water. Cook till boil.
9) Add in the beancurd and stir gently till fragrant.
10) Add in corn starch.
11) Before serving, add pepper powder and spring onion (green part).

This recipe is derived from

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