Hai Tian (Haday) 海天

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Haday Soybean Paste
Item No. 060428325 In stock
230g Dry Storage Contains no allergy information.
HaiTian Mature Vinegar
Item No. 4000008218 In stock
450ml Ambient Storage 24 MONTH
Haday Signature Sauce For Rice
Item No. 060429682 Low stock
300g Ambient Storage 18 MONTH
HaiTian Seasoning Wine
Item No. 4000008572 Low stock
450ml / >=10%vol Dry Storage 18 DAY
HaiTian Original Bean Sauce
Item No. 4000008571 Low stock
HaiTian Garlic Chili Sauce
Item No. 4000008568 Low stock
HaiTian Seafood Sauce
Item No. 4000008221 Low stock
Haday Soybean Sauce 800g
Item No. 060604697 Low stock
800g Dry Storage
HaiTian Roast Sauce
Item No. 4000008223 Low stock
HaiTian Apple Vinegar
Item No. 4000006504 Low stock
Haday Chu Hou Sauce
Item No. 4000001389 Low stock
Haday Salted Chicken Spices
Item No. 060489774 Out of stock
30g Ambient Storage 24 MONTH
$0.85 out of stock

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