Yue Hwa Singapore online store offers a selection of Lao Gan Ma (老干妈) products, which is a brand famous for its range of chili sauces known for their deep, complex flavours and indispensable in many Chinese kitchens. The store carries several varieties, including the classic LGM Crispy Chili Sauce and LGM Prickly Chili Sauce, each available in 210g bottles and priced at $3.30. These sauces are renowned for adding a spicy kick to dishes, with the crispy version offering an additional texture element.

Yue Hwa also provides options for those who enjoy fermented flavours, with the LGM Fermented Soybean with Chilli available in 280g bottles at $3.50. This sauce combines the pungent taste of fermented soybeans with the heat of chili, creating a versatile condiment that can elevate the flavour profile of various dishes. The Spicy Hot Vegetables were the most affordable at $2.20 for a 188g bottle, while the Red Beancurd was listed at $3.30 for a 260g bottle, showing a range of products that cater to different preferences and uses.

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LGM Hot Spicy Vegetable
Item No. 060483091 In stock
LGM Fermented Soybean with Chilli
Item No. 060225939 In stock
Lao Gan Ma Red Beancurd
Item No. 060238178 Low stock
LGM Prickly Chili Sauce
Item No. 40000009 Low stock
LGM Crispy Chili Sauce
Item No. 060225912 Low stock
LGM Spicy Hot Vegetables
Item No. 060361972 Out of stock
$2.20 out of stock
Laoganma Chilli Sauce
Item No. 060321636 Out of stock
$3.80 out of stock