Bring the serendipity of an outdoor garden into the home and discover the perfect opportunity to re-connect with yourself and with nature.

Craft your very own terrarium made of moss that has been treated to last longer than living moss.  It's like having a real living terrarium without having to go through the tedious effort of regular watering and pruning yet still be able to enjoy the lushes greenery anywhere you wish to.  

Simply pop your masterpiece on display anywhere for a burst of happiness and enjoy it!

Date: 7 Aug 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm
Venue: Chinatown store, Level 1

You will be provided with materials* to build the terrarium.

*Materials include:
  • Terrarium Dome
  • Wood Bark
  • Preserved Moss
  • Artificial Moss
  • Stones/ Pebbles
  • Succulent Plants

Tools will be provided.

You will get to take home 1 crafted piece of 20cm diameter x 30cm height terrarium.

Duration of workshop: 1 – 1.5 hours


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*Workshop is held at Chinatown store.
*In case of overbooking, we will refund the cost of the workshop.
*Workshop is conducted in English & Mandarin.

Terrarium Workshop
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