My Yue Hwa Rewards

my yue hwa rewards
Membership FAQ

1) How do I become a My Yue Hwa Rewards member?
You can sign up for a Pre-VIP account at our website or at our retail stores. Signing up for a Pre-VIP account is free. You will be upgraded to a Full Member account when you have accumulated spending of a minimum of $300 within six (6) months.

2) I have sign up for a Pre-VIP account and have spent $300. Do I get the rebate immediately for this purchase as I have met the spending tier?

No. You will not get the rebate for this purchase. The rebate will only be applicable in the next purchase.

3) I am a Yue Hwa member in the previous loyalty program. Do I need to do anything to remain as a Yue Hwa member due to the revamp?

You do not need to do anything. You will be automatically moved to the new tier (1st/2nd/3rd) based on the tier spending.  E.g. if you are a Crystal member and you have spent $2000, your member account will be moved to 2nd Tier under the new My Yue Hwa Rewards Program.

4) What are the benefits for being a My Yue Hwa Rewards member?

Members will earn rebates for eligible purchases made in Yue Hwa retail stores and online store. Please refer to the chart below for the different tiers.

1st Tier
2nd Tier
3rd Tier
Spending Tier

Cash Rebate


Members will also enjoy double rebates on Membership Day, exclusive discounts and birthday treats.

5) How long does the membership last?

The membership is valid for one year. To enjoy the membership privileges for the following year, you will need to achieve an accumulated spending of the basic tiered amount. If you spend above the required amount, you will be upgrade to a higher tier of membership. If you do not meet the requirement, you will then be downgraded to the next tier of membership.

6) How do I get the rebate points?

You can shop at Yue Hwa retail and online stores to earn your points.
Please note that the following will not be eligible for the rewards programmes:
- Dong Bao Yu Yi, Novela, Nanyang Old Coffee & Eclipse located at our Chinatown flagship store
- Shopee

7) How can I redeem my rebate points?

You can redeem your rebate points when you shop with us. Our cashier will advise you on the number of points you have in your account and proceed to ask if you would like to use them to offset your purchase, at the point of check out. If you shop online, a message will display on the payment page advising you on your points available and if you would like to pay with the points.  
*Rebate points can only be redeemed in whole number.  For example, if you have 20.55 points, you can only redeem 20 points.

8) How do I check my rebate points?

You may go directly to our official website and login to your account. You may check your rebate points on the page. You may also visit our stores and ask our staff at the cashier too.

9) When will my rebate points expire?

The rebate points are valid for one year from the day you receive them.

10) Can rebate points be used to exchange for cash or gifts?

The rebate points cannot be used to exchange for cash or gifts. It can only be used to deduct payment on the next purchase.

11) Can I still use my expired rebate points?

Expired rebate points cannot be used.

12) Can the rebate points earned be used on the same day?

The rebate points earned from today's spending will be credited to your account the next day. They cannot be used on the same day.

13) How can I cancel my membership?

If you want to cancel your membership, you may come to the customer service counter located on the fifth floor of Chinatown store.  Alternatively, you may fill in the "Contact us" form with the comments "cancel membership".

14) Can the account be used by my family members?

Your family or friends may use your account if you have given them the permission. As a precautionary measure, our staff will verify the name and membership number.

15) Can my membership and points be transferable to another family member else if I do not want it?

No. Membership and points are not transferrable.  

16) Can the rebate points from online shop be used in offline stores?

Yes. Rebate points earned from online purchases at can be used in stores. The rebate points earned from in store purchases can also be used online. Please refer to the above Question 6 on the list of tenants and marketplace that are not eligible for the usage of the points.

17) Can the rebate points earn from Singapore Yue Hwa be used in Hong Kong Yue Hwa?

My Yue Hwa Rewards programme is only valid for Singapore stores only.

18) How is Yue Hwa going to contact me?

We will contact you based on your information provided in the registration form.

19) Do Yue Hwa protect the privacy of my personal information submitted for the membership application?

In accordance with the laws of Singapore, we will strictly protect your personal information and will not disclose it to any third party. Your contact information will only be used for communicating Yue Hwa marketing promotions.

20) How can I update my particulars?

You may log in to your account at and update your account accordingly. You may also visit any of our retail stores and our friendly staff will be able to assist you.

21) How can I retrieve my account if I forget my number?

If you cannot remember your account number, you can verify your account using your email address or contact details online provided that you have indicated it in your registration.

22) Do I need to create a separate account for retail and online?

No. The membership account can be used in both in stores and at our online store. There is no need to create another account.

23) Can we combine the rebate points from separate member’s accounts?

No. The rebate points from different accounts cannot be combined. Rebate points are also non-transferrable.

Lucky Draw

1) What is the campaign period for the lucky draw?

The bi-annual lucky draw is based on spending during the below periods:
-1 July to 31 December 2022
-1 January to 30 June 2023  

2) How can I enter the lucky draw?

You will need to be a full-fledge member (1st Tier/2nd Tier/3rd Tier membership) of My Yue Hwa Rewards to enter the lucky draw. You will need to spend a minimum of $68 in a single receipt to receive your lucky draw chances.  

3) When will I be notified if I am the winner in the bi-annual lucky draw?

Yue Hwa will release the winner list in our website and social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram/WeChat) at least 2 weeks after the qualifying period has ended. We will also be contacting the winners by phone and/or email.  

4) Are online purchases eligible for the lucky draw?

To participate in the lucky draw, you may shop in Yue Hwa stores or at our online store. Every $68 spent will entitle you to one (1) lucky draw chance. Please note that the following will not be eligible for the bi-annual lucky draw:
- Dong Bao Yu Yi, Novela, Nanyang Old Coffee & Eclipse located at our Chinatown flagship store
- Shopee  

5) Am I able to check how many lucky draw chances?

You may approach our Customer Service counter or email us, and we will share the lucky draw chances with you.  Each member will get a maximum of 100 lucky draw chances bi-annually.

6) What are the other terms and conditions of the lucky draw?

You may refer to the terms and conditions here.  

7) How will Yue Hwa pick the winners?

We will use a system to generate the winners randomly. All lucky draw results will also be overseen by an auditor.  

8) Can I exchange or replace my prize?

All prizes are non-transferable, non-replaceable and non-exchangeable for cash, credit or any other items.  

9) How does the “Up to 100% Cashback” prize works?

Should the winner spend a total of $426 during the period of 1 January to 30 June, Yue Hwa will credit 430 points to the winner’s account (equivalent to $430 Yue Hwa vouchers). All spending will be rounded up to the nearest $10. Winners can use the points for redemption in retail stores or for online purchases at

10) Is there a cap to the cashback?

Yes, there is a cap of $5,000 vouchers per winner per draw. If the winner spends a total of $6,000 during the period of 1 January to 30 June, the winner will receive 5,000 points (equivalent to $5,000 Yue Hwa vouchers)  

Members Day  

1) What are the days scheduled for Members Day?

We have scheduled the following dates for Yue Hwa Membership Day:  
- 2nd Weekend of April  
- 2nd Weekend of October  

2) What are the benefits for Members Day?

Full-fledged members will get to enjoy double rebates for purchase made to our retail and online stores (with a minimum purchase of $68). Members will also get double chances in our bi-annual lucky draw.

1st Tier2nd Tier3rd Tier
Spending Tier
Cash Rebate1.5%2%3%
Double Rebate on Members Day 

Please note that the following will not be eligible for the rebates:
- Dong Bao Yu Yi,  Novela, Nanyang Old Coffee & Eclipse located at our Chinatown flagship store
- Shopee
- Cigarettes, liqour and seasonal items (e.g. Hairy Crab)

3) Are we able to enjoy double rebates on all purchases made on Members Day?

No. Cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and seasonal items (e.g. hairy crabs) are not eligible for double rebate on membership day.  

4) I am not a full-fledged member and I have purchased of $500 on Members Day. Will I be entitled to the double rebate?

You will get double rebate on the $200 spent on Members Day. The spending of $300 is the requirement to be a full-fledged member of My Yue Hwa Rewards.  

5) I have shopped online on Members day but I cannot see the double rebate in my account.

For online purchases on Members’ Day, the double rebate points will be credited within 7 working days from the date of purchase.